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Why Settle? A Young Progressive’s Honest Look at Voting for Joe Biden

As children, we are taught to aim high. Work hard. Put in the time and effort, we’re told, and our efforts will pay off in the long run.

We are encouraged to speak truth to power. To make our voices heard. To hold our authority figures accountable for their words and actions.

So why settle?

Joe Biden is not a perfect candidate. As mostly supporters of candidates like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, young adults born in the mid- to late-90s are well aware of this fact.

Many of us were pleased to see Senator Kamala Harris hold Biden accountable for his history of working with segregationists during the Democratic primary debates, and discuss openly her personal history with busing. …

PAST: Rising sea levels and more powerful hurricanes in Orleans Parish

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Climate Changes and the local environment:

High surface temperatures led scientists at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to conclude that 2016 was hottest year on record since modern record-keeping commenced in 1880. This has led to warm water expansion and increased levels of glacial runoff, causing sea levels worldwide to rise and putting coastal regions at significant risk.

A region of particular concern is Orleans Parish, Louisiana, home to the city of New Orleans and nearly 1.3 million people. …

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FUTURE: Increased risk of flooding and economic disruption in East Baton Rouge Parish

Projected days with maximum temperature above 95° F in East Baton Rouge Parish as shown by higher (red) and lower (blue) emission scenarios. Source: NOAA Climate Explorer

Climate changes and the local environment:

While there is scientific evidence confirming natural shifts in Earth’s climate throughout history, more recent findings strongly suggest that the warming observed over the last century is directly correlated with human activity and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Despite concerted national and international efforts such as the Paris Agreement, designed to combat and prepare for the potential impacts of climate change, we will likely still experience a rise in global sea levels in the near to semi-distant future. …

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If you open your browser and type ‘ExxonMobil on climate change’ into your search bar, a few clicks and a short scroll will lead you to the international corporation’s webpage containing their official statement on the issue. “We have the same concerns as everyone” reads the blurb, “ — and that is how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” ExxonMobil, as it seems, is on your side — on the planet’s side (ExxonMobil). …

Humility and Height: A Rookie Ascent to the Summit of Cotopaxi

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Saturday, June 23rd

10:30 a.m.

My guide for the weekend, Diego, picked me up from the corner of Granados and Isla Marchena, the streets where I live here in Quito, Ecuador. My host mom is waiting with me to make sure that Diego is a real guide and I’m not about to hop in the car with someone who wants to sell me.

As we spoke, mostly in Spanish, it turns out Diego is a great guy. He’s 48, has a wife, a son, and a daughter, and in the 25 years he’s been a guide, he’s climbed just about every mountain and volcano in Ecuador. He’s even visited the US to climb Denali but had to call it quits before the summit due to altitude sickness, proving that the height can get to anyone, even with the best training. Not too reassuring for me, who at this point had climbed just one volcano, Rucu Pichincha, twice, at just over 15,000 feet. Other than that, the majority of my life had been contained to the rolling dirt mounds of north Louisiana, stretching at its highest point to a soaring 535 ft. …

By: Robert Kyte

“Parents, if you brought your kids here tonight, now would be the time to cover their ears. But also, what the f**k is wrong with you?”.

Nick Offerman is not a comedian, nor is he a musician, but holds the self-bestowed title of ‘humorist’: a mixture of the two brought to life in a way that it seems only he can muster. …

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Photos by: Robert Kyte and Mikko Castaño

What is it about an artist that draws a crowd? How does a person go from singing in church to having thousands of people sing along to a song you wrote in the shower? For a Toronto-based artist like Daniel Caesar, a laudable musical talent and an ethereal voice have played no small part in his success. But it is the sense of genuine, palpable authenticity woven into Caesar’s music that delivers a truly special sound and experience rarely found in developing musicians.

While Caesar has put out most of his previous singles and EPs on his own and explored a wide range of emotions and ideas, his debut album, Freudian, is a study of love. Perhaps that’s why he chose to collaborate with a multitude of artists in its production, most of them being women. Vocalists like Kali Uchis, H.E.R., Syd, and Charlotte Day Wilson are featured throughout the project, giving voice to Caesar’s narratives on love and sentiment. The unsung (or sung?) heroes of Freudian, however, are the women of the CaDaRo Tribe. Present on six out of ten songs, the Toronto trio provides depth and cushion to Caesar’s melodic soars and descents. In place of the usual one-sided reflection, the pervasive presence of women throughout the LP gives shape to what is instead a dialogue between an artist and the ones that he’s loved. Unlike most current R&B, Freudian is not an emotionally-charged soliloquy: it is an ongoing conversation. …

Photos by: Chloe McGill

While I was watching Kanye perform “Stronger” with Daft Punk at the 2008 VMA’s (and giving my laptop diseases trying to find it on LimeWire), John Mayer had recently finished playing, filming, and recording a live show at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The footage was later adapted into a short film and released as a live album titled Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles. This is indisputably his best work to date. …

Photos by: Mikko Castaño

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment tap into the deep, historical roots of both jazz and hip-hop in their 2015 debut studio album, Surf. The Chicago-based quintet is comprised of trumpeteer Nico Segal (Donnie Trumpet), rapper/vocalist Chancellor Bennett (who you probably know as Chance the Rapper), producer/engineer Nate Fox, producer/keyboardist Peter Wilkins (known as Peter Cottontale), and percussionist Greg “Stix” Landfair, Jr. Together they are the Social Experiment, and their first project, Surf, is shaped by the visions of artists across jazz and hip-hop spectrums, transcending and blending musical genres to create a truly unique sound. …


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